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The patented clamping construction of the RoXTable is as simple as it is ingenious. The table self-adjusts to any surface without hydraulics, gears, set screws or rubbers and is therefore practically indestructible. As the table is lifted, you see that the two V-shaped feet  attached to the table's central stem move freely. As the table is put down, the feet search the surface and clamp down firmly with no slack. Moreover, the more weight added to the table the more stable it becomes, be it ; rough wooden flooring, cobblestones or uneven flagstones. The RoXTable is therefore quick, safe, simple, stylish, sturdy and stable! In addition the construction of the table base offers maximum leg  room.

The RoXTable is developed and designed by Nout van Heumen and Geurt Vleemingh and is produced entirely in the Netherlands.