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The RoXTable is easy to use; put the table into place and allow the movable legs (the side with the RoXTable logo) to settle onto the surface. They will set and clamp automatically. To move the table, just slightly tilt the side with the movable legs and upon placement, the table will automatically self-adjust again!

Watch the RoXTable video here!


Technical information:

       •      48x48x72cm (excl. tabletop)

       •      7,5kg (excl. tabletop)

       •      8 screw holes Ø 7,5mm

       •      In a single table configuration, size is 80x80cm or Ø 90cm

       •      In double/elongated configurations tabletop size is  70x110cm or 80x120cm

       •      Maximum adjustment of feet on uneven surface, 25-30mm

       •      Material: steel, welded

       •      Finish: electrolytically galvanized. Optional: powder coated

Other specifications, such as height or color, available on request.